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With Technogel®, you can achieve maximum comfort in office applications including armrests, seat cushions, chairs and wrist rests.

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Flexibility in everyday life - no problem with Technogel®. For example, the adhesive power of Technogel® can be used to attach your smartphone.

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Technogel is your partner for customized solutions in the industrial sector. We produce seals, damping systems and several other engineered applications.

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Technogel® is a flexible polyurethane based system that is suitable for medical device applications. Technogel® is free of plasticizers and silicones.

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Technogel® ensures more comfort in the shoe! The 3D effect of Technogel® offers optimal pressure distribution and shock absorption. 

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An innovative

Technogel® is a unique “soft-solid” material that combines the 3D deformation of a liquid and the memory shape of a solid. It is a dimensionally stable polyurethane-based gel that does not contain plasticizers (oils). What makes this innovative gel so perfect for so many applications? Find out why everyone from architects and artists to engineers, athletes and manufacturers are utilizing Technogel in new and creative ways.

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