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Technogel® is a unique “soft-solid” material that combines the 3D deformation of a liquid and the memory shape of a solid. It is a dimensionally stable polyurethane-based gel that does not contain plasticizers (oils).

Technogel® is soft, pliable, moldable, breathable, non-toxic, odorless, shock absorbent, and distributes pressure evenly. The color and durometer (softness) can be customized, making it suitable for cushioning, vibration damping, sealing, and shock absorption.


High restoring force

After 100,000 cycles a residual deformation of only 1.3% (65 °°°)

Individual design

We design and manufacture your product from Technogel®

Self-adhesive character

Technogel®'s natural adhesive characteristic can be incorporated into the design

Adjustable Shore hardness

Technogel®’s hardness range from Shore °°° 10 to a Shore A 40

3D deformability

Technogel® absorbs forces in all directions, a foam in comparison absorbs forces in only one direction

Free of plasticizers

Technogel® does not contain any plasticizers or oils to make the gel soft


Technogel® is non-toxic | OEKO-TEX® certified and approved for use on the skin


Technogel® has a cooling character with good thermal conductivity

Technogel® typs

The Shore hardness of Technogel® can be adjusted for each application. Technogel® is categorized in 3 different shore hardness grades; soft, medium, and hard. We also have the possibility to develop custom grades.


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